Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Same shit, Different day!

I've been a total slacker lately!! I've not been blogging at all!! I've just been too damn busy eating. But I thought I'd still give a quick update on the status of my weight loss.

UPDATE: Nothing! That's right...nada!

This is no surprise, really...considering I've not been properly dieting or exercising. Since I last posted about the delicious shrimp tacos, I'm pretty sure I've consumed at least 10 of them. And that was all done in about one week's time. (Yes...the ARE that good.) I've still been active, but not nearly enough to burn off all the calories consumed with the shrimp tacos.

So...whatever! That's my attitude for today.

1 comment:

  1. I also find myself in these "slumps" or whatever where I just seem to forget I'm supposed to be paying attention to what I eat. Summer is one of them, and then right around the holidays. It's almost pointless to diet then. But vacation is over and I'm back on the wagon!