Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dear Biggest Loser season 12 casting directors...

@BL Casting Team ~ @HollandStriplin ~ @KerrySCasting ~ and other BL12 CD's...

I want to start by saying THANK YOU! - Thank you for reading (and responding to some) my facebook posts, my tweets and this message. Thank you for reading through my BL application and viewing my pictures and casting DVD.

"What is this message for?" you might ask. I simply want you to understand why choosing me for season 12 of the Biggest Loser is so important. (You don't have to respond to this...but if you'd read it in its entirety, I'd be grateful.)

The Law of Attraction. It's something I've always believed in...the idea that positve thoughts create positive energy and result in positive things happening in one's life. (And the same holds true for negative thoughts.) I just didn't know what it was called. Now I do. And now that I know this much and have been looking into it in more detail, I am so excited for my future...a future that most definitely involves the Biggest Loser ranch in season 12.

Biggest Loser season 12 is IT for me. The ranch, the trainers and all of the resources are what I need to lose the weight that has bogged down my life for the past ten years.

BL12 is what I need to find the healthy me...the fit me...the strong me...and the confident me...the "me" that was around while in my 20's, but soon became lost as life happened.

BL12 is what I need to learn how to eat smart and healthy, not only while on the ranch but for the rest of my life and consequently, pass this new way of life on to my daughters.

BL12 is what my husband needs to kick start his own weight loss journey that actually began ten years ago with Gastric Bypass surgery but sadly, has come to an end as he has gained 95% of his weight back.

BL12 is what I need to inspire friends and family who also need to lose weight, but are too embarrassed to send a DVD to the BL casting directors.

BL12 is what I need to prove to those who say "you're not fat enough to be on that show" or "you look just fine" that while being nice is appreciated, being truthful is preferred and more effective in helping me (and others) succeed...and surely they'll say "Wow!...guess she IS fat enough to be on that show" when they see my first televised weigh in.

I read, see, and hear everywhere (within BL12 social media and as advice offered to me by friends) "don't rely on BL to lose the weight...don't wait for BL12...start today on your own...you can do it by yourself". I hear this and I understand...I get it, loud and clear...I really do. But they don't understand something, which is the one thing that I also want you, the BL12 casting directors, to understand: I don't want to do it any other way than ON the Biggest Loser ranch in season 12. Why? To say that I have a "Plan B", in place of my "Plan A" (BL Ranch) implies doubt...and I refuse to give any attention or power to doubt. Therefore, Plan A - The Biggest Loser ranch, season 12 - is where it starts and ends for me. For the old me, a Plan B would've been realistic and logical. But for the new me, a Plan B is the nail in the coffin and means Plan A will die a tragic death. I'm not even considering NOT being called by the CD's for BL12. In fact, that last sentence is the last time I'm going to allow my mind to go there.

Please understand that I'm not some crazy, irrational person who is delusional in this journey. Nor am I trying to out-do anyone else who has applied for the show. We're all deserving...all good people...all capable of achieving the greatness that we've seen from the contestants over the years. And no, I'm not that cocky, obnoxious, in-your-face, "I'm the best!" kind of person. I'm simply trying to express to you the overwhelming feeling I have that the Biggest Loser ranch is going to be in my future...my very near and upcoming future. And the most exciting part is that after I've been on the show and lost the weight, become healthy, lean and fit, I'm going to pursue a career in Fitness and Health Instruction and/or Personal Training. I'm going to "retire" from working in the Accounting/Finance field and change completely!! And I'm so excited for it! I've always loved fitness, health and dance, but never considered a career in the field(s) because I figured Accounting would get me more money. Yeah...that really worked out for me didn't it? Two Masters degrees and I'm unemployed! Changing careers and heading down the health and fitness path will not only help me inspire others to lose weight and become healthy, but it will be a great way for me to stay on the right path to maintaining my own health and wellness. Who knows?!?...maybe I can become a trainer FOR the Biggest Loser!!

Everything is in place and I've moved into a spot in my life where the ONLY sensible option is for me to come to California and be part of the Biggest Loser experience. In the last five years, I've gone from employed and paid very well to laid off and living a very thrifty lifestyle. I've gone from a beautiful, custom, 4000 sqare foot home to a 3 bedroom, one-level apartment. My husband and I, after being married for nearly 18 years (and together for 21 years) separated last year for the first time ever. We lived apart for 9 months, but are back together and working very hard on our relationship. But despite all this, as well as some other unfortunate events, I actually have a very clear picture of what I want my future to look like. And honestly, this is the first time in my life I've had this much clarity and I've very, very excited. Bring it on!!!

Jennifer Housley
Ogden, UT
38 yrs, 5'7", 245 lbs
(cell # on application or provided upon request)


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