Friday, August 7, 2009

French Fries and Donut Holes

So yeah…yesterday was a real test of my will power!! I had to take my kids to my grandpa’s house to be babysat for the day. On the way, we stopped at Artic Circle to get some lunch for them and my grandpa. As I took the bags of food from the drive up window order taker lady, I got a big whiff of the french fries. HOLY SHIT they smelled DE-LISH-US!!! French fries from Artic Circle kick ass!! And with the fry sauce, they kick even more ass!! I wanted to grab a few and throw them in my mouth, but I did not. I stood my ground and resisted their greasy, salty goodness. Had I been on any other diet, I would’ve eaten several. But I’m telling ya…this HCG thing can be a real bitch if you eat anything that isn’t on the list!! For example… On Wednesday, I went to lunch with some friends…we met at Pei Wei in Bountiful. It was a great choice because I knew I could order the lettuce wraps and still be pretty safe. But guess what happened when I got on the scale yesterday? I had gained 2 pounds back. WTF?? Are you serious?!? I figured there was probably a little bit of oil in the chicken, but I didn’t think it would have had such a drastic effect like that. I looked up the ingredients online and sure enough, wok oil is used to cook the chicken, shitake mushrooms and water chestnuts – so there were several things in there that aren’t on the list. (“Not on the List” has become a recurring theme lately…have you noticed?) I’ve been told by others that it’s imperative not to cheat in any way, shape, or form…but wow!…they weren’t kidding. So needless to say, yesterday I was hell bent on getting that 2 pounds back off.

After the Artic Circle, we headed on over to the grocery store to get grandpa a donut, because according to my 7 year old, he really likes donuts and having one would make him so happy. (Turns out, it was just part of her evil plan to get her a donut.) As we were walking through the bakery, I was overwhelmed by the smell of bread – something I haven’t ingested for 7 solid days now. We were headed to the donut case when I turned to my left, looked down and saw the most beautiful looking rolls…I said out loud “Oh man those orange rolls look so goo….OH MY GOD LOOK AT THOSE RASPBERRY ROLLS!!” Yes, I practically yelled it out…I couldn’t contain myself. Raspberry rolls with pink icing. Mmmmmmmmm….I wanted to eat one sooooooo bad. Had it been 2 weeks ago, I would’ve bought them and horked down at least 3 of them in the car. But not now…I can’t risk it. I stayed for about 15 seconds and held them, but that was all. The thought of “maybe I can take a bite, chew it up, then spit it out” crossed my mind, but I pushed it back down into the recesses of my brain. Focus!! We opted for the glazed donut holes for gramps and the girls and they too looked & smelled delicious. When we got to my grandpa’s house, I actually opened the donut holes container, got them real close to my face, and took in the biggest sniff I could manage. Then I sniffed again. Believe it or not, this method did sorta work at satisfying my desire to taste the yummy goodness of donut glaze. Then…again…the thought of “maybe I can take a bite, chew it up, then spit it out” creeped into my head. And I actually contemplated it for about 10 seconds. Seriously?!? I really thinking this is a good idea?? Hell NO!!...and here’s why. I remembered a recent “Intervention” episode I watched where the girl hadn’t actually swallowed food for some ridiculous amount of years so she got her nutrition through a feeding tube and a horse-sized syringe. And she would go to restaurants and family functions to eat…but she would chew the food, then spit it out into a cup. So she carried around a 32 oz. soda cup with her where ever she went and would spit her nasty, chewed up food into it. It was disgusting! I do not want to be that person, so I’ll just continue to sniff the fattening, carbo-packed foods that I desire but can’t actually ingest. That’ll have to do for now.

I finally found my way out of the house, into the car, and on my way to work. As I drove there, I thought about how proud I was for not giving in. I had passed the test, at least for that particular hour of the day. The rest of the day presented some temptations, but nothing major. I managed to make it into my bed and asleep last night without any mishaps…and that’s a good thing.

So I woke up this morning, weighed, and……SWEET!!...I lost those 2 pounds, plus another pound. That puts me at 13.3 pounds lost in 7 full days of being on the 500 calorie diet (9 full days of the HCG shot). Not too shabby!!!

“Nothing tastes as great as being thin feels.”
“Nothing tastes as great as being thin feels.”
“Nothing tastes as great as being thin feels.”

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  1. Did your doctor give you the shot? How often do you have to get it? Wouldn't you lose a lot of weight eating only 500 cals a day, even without a shot? Does the shot supress your appetite? I'm just full of questions! LOL I'm just in awe at how well it's working.