Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Time to bust out the “Vision Board”

It has been 7 days since I started the HCG diet and so’s
fan-fucking-tastic!! The first 2 days don’t really count for weight loss, since they’re known as “Gorge” days, so that means since Friday I’ve lost 7 pounds!! Nice!! In the past, losing 7 pounds took me more than a month.

I’ve found it to be surprisingly easy. No, it’s not easy to not WANT to eat everything in sight…but it’s been easier than I expected to keep from ACTUALLY eating “no-no” foods. The diet, as some of you know, is incredibly boring. Although there is some variety in the meats and vegetables you get to choose from, you’re basically eating the same thing every day. And I think I’ve drank more iced tea in the last week than in the previous 12 months combined!! But what has surprised me the most is my ability to stick to it. If something’s not on the list of foods I can eat, I don’t eat it. Even sneaking a bite of the kids’ mac-n-cheese or Ramen noodles has been averted because that stuff isn’t on the list. With other diets, it’s easy to just sneak a bite of this or that, here and there, and simply count it as part of my daily, allotted points/calories. But because I’ve got such a strict diet to follow, I follow it. I’m actually doing what I’m being told!!! Wow!!...this is a BIG step for me. When I even think about eating something I’m not supposed to, I actually get all anxious…stressed out thinking that an angry HCG dwarf is going to come flying out of nowhere and swat said food out of my hand, then kick me in the ass and tell me “that’s not on the list, fatty!” And I’d rather not face that awkward moment of seeing a little person trying to reach my ass with his little foot (on his little leg), so I’ll just stick to the diet.

I’ve realized too that most/all the times I want to eat, I’m really not hungry. I’m either bored or restless. So I’ve been chewing a lot of gum and refilling my iced tea cup. And I keep those fatty pics in my head…reminding me of why I’m doing this.

But tonight was a little different. After dinner, I found that I was still hungry. I ignored the feeling…but it persisted. I’ve been ignoring it all night and am damn proud of myself. But I realized that it’s time to get the Vision Board out (actually, it’s an 8 ½ x 11 piece of paper) so I can look at it at times like these when I want to sneak just a bite of something I’m not supposed to have. Most people’s Vision Boards are positive in nature – they show pictures of what the person wants to attain and display healthy, uplifting statements or affirmations the person reads over and over. My Vision Board?...not so much. I decided to put a handful of pictures of myself on my Vision Board – pictures that I hate because they’re so dreadful. But then I went even further by inserting little text boxes that point out the things I don’t like.

For example…

“Nice gut!” (I'm sure the shot gunned beer you're holding has something to do with it.)

“Are you pregnant? Nice double chin!” (This is the infamous low point picture I've made reference to in the past. I remember thinking I looked pretty good that night...was out on the floor dancing...not too shabby. But when I saw this picture, I was appalled. Who was I kidding?!? I looked like a damn toad. And I wasn't dancing, I was either having a seizure or testing my skills at dancing like Elaine from Sienfeld!!)

“Back Fat!”. (My inspiration for this blog.)
I know that I'm probably being too hard on myself. But I figure if I'm not, who will be? I don't see it as being's more like constructive criticism.

I’m just being real!! And this is exactly the kind of push I need to get me through the next few weeks, then maintenance, then deep into the shots again. It's either this, or the angry LP who kicks my ass. I'd rather use the Vision Board.


  1. I've seriously never heard of this! Please, tell me more about it.

  2. Gladly!! My next post will be more about it. I've lost 10 pounds since kicks ass! (Although, so does cheese and butter and bacon...but slimming down is worth the sacrifice.)

  3. I'm interested in hearing more about the HCG specifics myself... Like what's a daily menu like? Are you taking injections or pills? What foods ARE on the okay to eat list? Tell me more... And how expensive is it?

  4. Jen you rock and I think you are one sexy mama (without the HCG)!!!!! I luv ya and way to go!!!

    Those night time hungers were the worst for me!

    Keep positive by sayin atleast my friends havn't posted all of my fat ass bellydance pictures all over face book!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to make that illegal somehow:) Keep rockin it and come be my little HCG person who kicks my "A" everytime I sneak a bite of this or that! I can tell you those bellydance pic's of me were my ALL time low. Just when I thought it couldn't get lower.

    Thanks for bein human and admitting it's hard and it sucks to not like the hot bods we were "blessed with"